I was where you are now, then I decided to  work on me

Are you looking to improve your symptoms related to depression, anxiety, grief, trauma or PTSD? Are you going through a dark time and feeling stressed, confused, exhausted, broken and lost.?

I can show you how… I know exactly how you feel… several years ago I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD & depression at the same time. 

I remember being at my breaking point, stuck in a toxic relationship, crying everyday, depressed, broken and not wanting to leave my house.


 I can offer you a safe place to heal, process your emotions and become capable of moving forward while developing the ability to love yourself again.

Traumatic events, past experiences, and unresolved issues that have not been addressed can wreak havoc in many ways​​​.


It's time to let go of the emotional pain that is holding you back and courageously build a life you love and DESERVE.

The time is now to go from Surviving to Thriving. Click the link below

Marble Surface

 IT'S TIME TO create a better future for yourself

DOES THIS SOUND familiar...

  • Attracting and dating the same type of partner, over and over again, even though it’s clearly not working out for you.

  • Feeling sad, unhappy, alone, or worried?

  • Frustrated, tired, guilty and ashamed because no matter how hard you try, you still feel broken?

  • Struggling to break free from toxic or narcissistic relationships. Even when you know they are not good for you.

  • Struggling with your own self confidence and self worth. 

  • Feeling angry, insecure or afraid of abandonment.

  • Controlled by your past trauma and no matter how hard you try, nothing is working!

  • You are STUCK, you have tried everything to fix it - counseling, talk therapy, books, videos and more BUT you are still unmotivated, frustrated, and stuck!


  • You quickly become mentally and physically healthy and have the ability to form healthy trusting relationships with friends and loved ones.

  • You were no longer weighed down by the past, and could fully enjoy every moment while you pursued important goals in your career and relationships?

  • You could fully understand what’s going on inside you and develop skills to quickly regain a calm sense of control when needed.

  • Well if this sounds like you….you're in the right place

Marble Surface

My one and only job is to get you a breakthrough and transformation as quickly as possible!

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