Meet Shenice

Certified Trauma Informed NLP Practitioner, Rapid Transformational Therapist, CBT Coach & Survivor

Hey Beautiful!


I was once where you are now, and I decided to take my life back and work on me! I have helped countless women QUICKLY find freedom from past challenges that were keeping them stuck.  Imagine reaching out for help while feeling dead inside, to a life full of joy, meaning and abundance.  I absolutely love what I do, because I've been there, beautiful. 


 Why do I do this work? Well on February 6, 2004 my life permanently changed. My Fiance' and the love of my life was murdered in our city of Baltimore, MD and I was left with our 6 month old daughter. After his unexpected death, I spent many years of my adult life recovering from traumatic grief. I worked very hard at trying to block out the pain caused by his traumatic death but in return later in life I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, Depression & Anxiety. 

Many challenges will follow you after a traumatic experience if you do not seek the right help quickly and I pretty much experienced them all. After many trials and tribulations my life became a complete hell. I became deeply depressed after suffering additional loss and emotionally unavailable. I didn't personally know anyone that went through my situations which made it even harder to accept. I was filled with immense anger, lacked confidence in every aspect of my life and I didn't trust anyone. Self betrayal became my new way of living and honestly, I tried to block out the pain for many many many years.


Well you know how that saying goes " Pressure bust pipes" and girlllll that's exactly what happened. After avoiding the inner healing for so long and settling for a toxic relationship for 2 years with a malignant narcissist, I knew I was at my breaking point.  I sought out talk therapy and quickly found out it wasn't very helpful for my traumatic experiences. My Therapist didn't understand the complexities of trauma, or how working hard only perpetuated the problem.

If you have sought help that most recommend without any relief , and you still feel stuck - I SEE YOU. I have been through it too.


Once I came into the realization that it was my unhealed emotional trauma & grief that was holding me back in life everything shifted. I took matters into my own hands and hired an amazing mentor that saved my life! For six months, she introduced me to subconscious reprogramming, nervous system regulation, manifestation and the laws of the universe. After her program ended I felt like a new person. I started researching the psychology and impacts of how trauma affects the brain and I became obsessed and so full knowing that I finally found my purpose! I enrolled in so many programs, certifications, schooling etc and it's been an amazing journey. 


Now, I incorporate all of these practices into my signature transformational methodology. 


 Through this work, I quickly dissolved years of trauma, pain, grief and anguish by reducing the intensity and duration of my trauma symptoms. I went from sad, deeply depressed, unmotivated and attracting the worse relationships to confident, knowing my worth, owning my flourishing business while watching my soul aligned clients blossom and transform into their healthy, happy & higher selves. All while attracting the life that I didn't think existed for a heart broken & grief stricken single mom.

The good news is you no longer have to do years of frustrating searching and testing to see what will help. I have already been through it and can help you quickly find your way back to yourself. I have multiple degrees and I am specialized in nervous system regulation, rapid transformational therapy, somatic intervention, positive psychology & coaching psychology, CBT, Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, stress management and strategies for shifting your mindset and perspectives.


It's time to do the work of true transformative healing so you can quickly connect with the whole, complete woman inside-the woman that's begging to be freed so she can live life, full of happiness, laughter, joy and abundance.  I 'm here to help you do just that.


Lettttttssss GOOOOOOOO!



The Breakthrough program is the most amazing program that has helped me to stay strong when it comes to my emotional healing, my mindset and my confidence. This program is a game-changer for all. It is a total life changer!