The Breakthrough program

So, why is it difficult to deal with past traumas, heal old wounds, and live life more freely now?


Past traumatic or adverse experiences (especially in childhood) affect our brains and can adversely affect how we engage with the world today.

As a result, we struggle to connect to other people, ineffectively deal with emotions, and fail to get our needs met


If things don’t change, you’re likely to have the same problems and attract the same unhealthy relationships you’re trying to avoid.


I work with women who are struggling with past trauma and feel overwhelmed by life.

If you are ready to learn new ways to recover from past trauma, PTSD, or complex PTSD, the time is now to sign up for my high level transformational 1:1 private signature program.


The Breakthrough program


We will unlock, release & reduce the symptoms intensity and duration of past trauma that is keeping you stuck.


Many of my clients experience a breakthrough after 1 session! 

When we keep experiencing the same things that are causing us pain, we must go deep into the subconscious mind and safely move you out of survival mode, and into purpose and healing.

In this life-changing program, you will learn:

  • How to truly love yourself, know your self-worth and value and no longer tolerate things that do not serve you. 

  • How to have strong boundaries with people so you can put yourself first without feeling guilty or selfish.

  • What is going on so you can better heal and grow from the damage of the past, PTSD, Complex PTSD, grief, and relationship abuse.

  • Feel stronger, healthier and more vibrant. You will love each day more and more and see yourself truly transform and blossom right before your eyes.

  • How to truly heal your wounds from the past and live emotionally free to live a life of happiness, inner peace, and joy in all areas.

Discover the secrets to finally manifest a major breakthrough in  your life.

This powerful journey could absolutely change your life.

It's time to look back on THIS stage of life as the time when you finally realized you were capable of changing your circumstances.

So, why is it difficult to deal with past traumas, heal old wounds, and live life more freely now?


Ask yourself…


Am I currently stuck in a world of failure?


Do I wonder if I’ll ever feel differently?


Am I doing all I can to turn my situation around?


Would my life be better if I knew how to heal from my emotional wounds?


To be free to build the life you truly want.


It's time to stop being held back by your past, discouraged because you didn’t understand how to move past your challenges , and developed the fulfilling life you were DESTINED to have.


This is your moment.


 Healing doesn't need to be hard! Let me show you the easy way to go from surviving to thriving while living the life that you deserve.  


I've created this program to expedite the process and help you find inner peace now! We will work closely to clear the past, let go of self sabotage, and create the 2.0 version of you!

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Shenice is the most amazing woman that I've ever crossed paths with. I feel so much better as a result of working with her.I can not recommend her enough. Your entire life will change.